Exodus and so on

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This site is hosted on Netlify, built using 11ty and version controlled using GitHub.

For more info on 11ty check out Andy Bells excellent course Learn Eleventy from Scratch. It's more than just a course on 11ty. It's also an excellent resource on best practices for accessibility and front end development.

What's next

This site is not done, by any standards. But to move forward you have to take the first step. This very much applies to personal side projects. They tend to just end up laying around, not being looked at again. So to create some positive tension and personal commitment I have now published this!

Something I see coming in the future is a theme picker. Basically to enable light and dark mode, nothing fancier than that. I love what Max Böck has done for his personal site though. It's a fully-fledged theme picker! Very cool! Do check it out. Not only the theme picker. The whole thing is beautiful while presenting a lot of good content.

No JS is being loaded at all for this site right now. Something I like a lot. However, I do enjoy smooth UI element integrations which would be an ideal situation for something like Vue or Svelte. So that might happen?!

Finally, not because I have a big crowd reading these posts or anything. But I like the whole idea behind Webmentions. Haven't you heard of it before I would encourage you to check it out? Here's a great post about it on indieweb.org: https://indieweb.org/Webmention.

That's it for now!